Operas For Our Children

Introducing children to music at an early age is important. They know nothing of the world and must be taught. They soak up everything they...


Introducing Adults to Opera

The reasons why any adult might never have attended an opera are many, so looking into their past for a reasonable explanation might be less...


Popular Opera Singers

In an attempt to bring more people into the fascinating world of opera, singers have often stepped out of their comfort zone. Many opera singers...


A Coordinated Performance

Live shows are dependent on each person knowing their role and hitting their cues on time. Stage shows such as plays are often a difficult...

Opera seems to be one of the forms of music that people either love or hate. Most of those who do not like opera have never actually attended one. They have heard some of the music in other contexts and made their decision. These people believe that opera is simply large men and women singing in a foreign language. Over the years, many people have come to believe only high class snobs attend the opera. This is a false stereotype.

There are a great many people, rich and poor, who love opera. They may not understand all the lyrics, but the music moves them emotionally. Most programs do have a brief synopsis of the story, and that is all many opera fans need to be able to get into the spirit of the performance. They are passionate about their love of opera, and many go to great lengths to see every opera being performed in their area.