Popular Opera Singers

In an attempt to bring more people into the fascinating world of opera, singers have often stepped out of their comfort zone. Many opera singers are classically trained and sing music other than just opera. Some take on classical music performances in order to show opera singers are not limited to one format. The best of these singers are willing to go on talk shows and do interviews in order to dispel the myths about opera. These people are professionals willing to represent the music and format where they love to perform.

Tenors are generally the male stars of opera performances. Their vocal range is suited to the music written by the composers. Because tenors are often groomed to be stars, they are the ones who do interviews out of the opera world. Their names may be vaguely known to the general populace. A good tenor will work hard to make their name a household word so he can promote opera.

Most opera music depends upon the soprano as the female lead. A soprano opera singer must have an incredibly versatile vocal range. She must be able to hit the highest notes that composers love in their opera music. These women have often been mischaracterized as fat. This has been a stumbling block for many women outside of their understanding opera fans, but a few have bravely faced the talk show circuit and done interviews.

The world of opera is understanding and supportive of its performers. Misconceptions by the general public have often been hurtful, especially to star performers. Being labeled as fat because of the need for well-developed breathing control muscles is insulting. Being accused of simply screeching to music is no less so. By taking the time and making the effort to dispel these misconceptions, opera stars have given the world a glimpse at their true star quality.